Hey Nerd, make my book better!! (aka, Beta Reading)

Wait – what’s beta reading?

So you’ve written a book, but before you get it published, you want to know what people think of it.  That’s where beta reading comes in!  A beta reader is NOT the same as an editor.  (If you’re looking for an editor, see the links below).  While editors are a necessary part of the process, a beta reader can help you improve your story before it’s submitted to editors & publishers by offering insight into what does and doesn’t work in your story.  For example, if your character’s motivations aren’t clear, or part of the story really drags, or just plain doesn’t make sense, a beta reader will point all that out to you.

So why should I hire you to do it?

Well, if you’ve read my reviews, you know that I will always tell the truth about a book, and that I never say I don’t like something without explaining why.   Beta reading is more in-depth than reviewing, and can also help prevent bad reviews and improve sales by giving you honest feedback from a reader before you publish your book.  And speaking as a super-devoted Book Nerd, nothing makes me happier than making a good story great!  Don’t believe me?  Here are what a couple of other authors have to say:

“The Nerd just plain ‘gets’ stories like few other readers do. Her insights have been invaluable to me, and any writer would be lucky to have her as part of their team.” – Allison M. Dickson, bestselling author of Strings

“When The Nerd reviews my work, I can finally relax. Every tense, word, comma, even details relating to the translation of concept and imagery, is covered in one fell swoop. I’ve paid editors outrageous fees and haven’t had it half as good. I’ll use her until she dies. Then I’ll probably hire a spiritual medium.  – Novelist Carson Standifer

OK, I’m in, how does this work?

It’s pretty simple. Before submitting your book, please contact me at my email address (freakylibrarian@gmail.com), and tell me a little bit about your book, including genre, a quick summary, and length (word count).  I want to make sure of two things before I take your money:  #1, that it’s a book I’ll actually want to read (that makes the whole thing better for both of us!) and #2, that I am available to turn it around within a few days to a week, depending on length.  My preferred genres are mystery/thriller and horror.

My pricing is as follows:

  • 15,000 words or less = $30
  • 15,001 words – 50,000 words = $50
  • 50,001 words – 75,000 words = $75
  • 75,001 words – 100,000 words = $100

And so on, with $25 being added for every 25,000 words.  Once I have agreed to beta read your book, you will need to send me the book in a word document, and half of the payment to my paypal address.

I will then read your book, and write up my notes.  I generally group them into two sections – one is typos and other errors I notice, the other is general impressions/areas to be fixed.  PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT an editor.  I will note errors I find, but you really really REALLY need a qualified editor to help you with the final polish.

I will notify you that your notes are ready, and once I receive the second payment, I will send them to you.  I’m also happy to clarify any points, or answer any questions you have via email once you get the notes.  THE BETA READ WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED ON THIS SITE.  Also, I won’t review your book on the site once it’s published, so there will be no conflicts of interest.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions at freakylibrarian@gmail.com.

Finally, yes, you really DO need an editor!  Here are a couple of good ones:




3 thoughts on “Hey Nerd, make my book better!! (aka, Beta Reading)

  1. Hell, I wish you did it for blog posts, resumes, email to mothers-in-law…basically giving me the Book Nerd Approved signal on all written aspects of my life!

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