What the heck is a Happy Neuron? (aka, Ratings)

Some people get really excited when they hear a song they love, or their team scores, or they get the new Victoria’s Secret catalog.  Me, I get really excited when I read something awesome.  I can only compare it to a sugar high, where my brain starts buzzing in a really great way.

Therefore, my ratings system is a direct measure of how excited my brain cells get by whatever it is I’m reading.  The spread goes as follows:

One Happy Neuron:


There was nothing about this work that made it good.  Nothing.  Please don’t ever make me look at it again.


Two Happy Neurons:


This was still pretty bad, but it had some good aspects.  Maybe there was a pretty cool original idea that just wasn’t executed well, or something along those lines.


Three Happy Neurons:


To me, this is the worst rating.  It’s not good or bad enough to provoke much of a reaction at all.  In other words, Boring.


Four Happy Neurons:


Really really good!!!  There might be a couple of things that didn’t work for me, but overall, definitely worth reading.


Five Happy Neurons:


OMG, guys, you have GOT to read this!!!  I don’t care, put it away and read this book NOW!




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